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Verifying Dental Insurance Benefits

Verifying Dental Insurance Benefits The core reasons why a dental practice suffers include claim denials and delays from the insurance companies. They are usually an outcome of incorrect insurance information, which drives out a non-organized and non-professional verification process.

These incompetent dental insurance verification processes also lead to surprise patient balances, resulting in many unsatisfied and unhappy patients. To be condensed, the lack of proper insurance verification can often create a lot of chaos at your clinic – impacting almost everything in the office ranging from the revenue and the stress levels of the staff.

Are you also a victim of this tedious operation? Well, there’s definitely a solution that can ease your hassle and manage the dental insurance verification process much more effectively at the same time, i.e., outsourcing your operation to a dental billing expert.

You can enjoy some great benefits by outsourcing your practice’s dental insurance verification process to a billing expert. A few popular benefits among them may include.

Your Administration Staff Gets More Time For Patient Care

Most of your administration’s time is spent engaging with the insurance companies on call and verifying patients’ benefits. Means – you’re spending the entire payroll on a skill-based task and could easily be handled by an outsourcing dental insurance verification company at a much less cost.

If you manage to outsource the operation – your staff can have more time to focus on their core job, i.e., to engage with the patients at your clinic and provide them with quality patient care.

Maximizes Claim Reimbursement With Less Insurance Follow-Ups

As estimated, 50% of the claims get denied due to the lack of attention to detail. They could have easily been reimbursed without delay if they were created with focus and adequate expertise. Outsourcing your dental insurance verification operation to a professional company can ensure that all your claims are correctly created, submitted, and reimbursed.

They have insurance verification professionals in the team who can best carry through your verification process. Even in case of a delay or denial from the insurance company, their experts know all the right tactics to tackle the situation and get your payments cleared as soon as possible.

Enhances Your Cash Flows

As you outsource the dental insurance verification process to a reliable company, your claims begin to be rightly created and submitted, and so is the impact on your reimbursement speed. This all happens because you’ve got the right information related to patients’ benefits and coverage at hand. You can provide adequate treatment plans to the patients, and your patients know the exact financial burden before the treatment gets started.

Therefore, both your ways for revenue, including the reimbursements from insurance companies and the co-payments from your patients (if there are any), get received on time – enhancing your cash flows a lot. You don’t have to worry about the bills anymore and feel satisfied since you have collected all you owe.

You Get The Time & Budget To Expand Practice

There’s no bad time for expanding your dental practice. It can always be a  source of maximizing your revenue. But wait! Expanding your practice means onboarding more providers, which means more incoming patients. The more patients you’d have at your clinic, the higher the volume of dental insurance verification requirements would be, putting a never-ending burden on your administration staff.

However, if you outsource the dental insurance verification process to some reliable service – they can handle the pressure of unlimited incoming patients without hassle. This is because the top-notch dental insurance verification companies have an extended team of experts on board who know exactly how to pull through an effective verification process for each patient.

Thus, you don’t have any obstacles that may prevent you from expanding as you outsource the process of verification.

Keeps Your Patients Happy & Satisfied

No matter how much quality patient care you provide, discussing finances with them is always stressful. And they are much more likely to be surprised by unexpected co-pays and balances that occur as an outcome of inadequate verification of the patient benefits and coverage. This can also lead to the patients presuming your practice as incompetent and distrustful.

Consider outsourcing the entire dental insurance verification operation to a reliable company with years of experience managing the specific niche. It can really help you manage verifications in the right manner to fully understand the dental insurance verification patient’s benefits and brief them about the coverage even prior to their treatments. This can help build a relationship of trust and loyalty with your patients.

Reduce The Tension At Your Clinic

Even if you don’t make that obvious to your employees and staff, they can sense the anger you feel every time a claim is delayed or denied due to incorrect verification or a patient leaves unsatisfied. And that directly negatively impacts their productivity – maximizing tension at your clinic.

Outsourcing dental insurance verification to a reliable service can put an undue burden off your employees’ shoulders. They can better focus on their core jobs, i.e., to engage with patients and provide them with quality care.

Enjoy All These Great Benefits With Revu Billing

Now that you’ve read through all the great benefits of outsourcing dental insurance verification, you must look for a reliable such service.

You’re at the right place because Revu Billing is a top-tier verification company. We have been helping multiple dental practitioners enjoy the great benefits mentioned above and can do the same for you.

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