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Utilize the Dentalrevu Dental Billing platform to find a solution.

Do you intend to outsource dental billing? You may have read some unfavourable reviews on Google, social media, or from a coworker. Similar to relationships, no dentist wants to invest all of their time and resources into something that won’t last. Dentalrevu has remained the biggest and most prestigious platform for outsourced dental billing in the country for more than ten years. But more significantly, we are always working to fix client-side problems with our platform that directly impact dental clinics’ profitability. Here are a few reasons why working with the dentalrevu platform is right for you

Communication is crucial

One of your main concerns when deciding to outsource your dental billing may be being able to talk to the remote crew. It’s challenging to hold someone accountable when the phone always goes to voicemail or when an email written before Thanksgiving isn’t answered until the New Year. The dentalrevu Dental Billing platform excels in the following ways, among others

Flexible pricing that works for your company

Step-by-step instructions for using the revu billing platform and a clear description of what to expect in terms of communication, including daily and weekly accountability reports

You’ll get accountability through action, pre- and post-onboarding inquiries and concerns addressed when you work with the revu billing. We are aware that in order to achieve your financial objectives, communication is a two-way street that needs to be skillfully navigated and consistently managed.

Dental Billing Trust

How can you tell if the outcomes promised will materialise in your life? The peace of mind that comes with outsourcing dental billing procedures should be available to every business owner. The Revu Billing Dental Billing platform exemplifies that as our main goal in the following ways

presenting a growth mentality based on your expected financial results

Brand promises that are realistic and clear encourage accountability

Complete openness in reporting

You will benefit from an integrated collaboration with Practice Booster when you work with the Revu Billing, which will improve your capacity to effortlessly process and confirm medical and dental billing codes on a regular basis. Clean claims lead to regular payment. The answer is straightforward, and Dentalrevu procedure can be useful.

Displaying your knowledge

What guarantees does the Revu Billing Dental Billing platform make? Wonderful inquiry, and we’d love to respond

Recover the money that is due to you in full.

Clean claims must be submitted for payment within one business day.

Within one business day, post all payments to patient ledgers.

Follow up on any claims that reach 30+ days in ageing at least once every 10 business days.

Reduce the insurance above 90 to nearly nothing, then maintain it there.

You may get the peace of mind you and your team deserve with these unambiguous brand pledges, which our platform specialists uphold to the highest degree. Your practise is placed at the forefront of our problem-solving approach by trying to understand before trying to be understood. By clicking the link below, you may access the Revu Billing Dental Billing platform and choose your solution for managing patient insurance, scheduling dental appointments, or keeping track of dental finances.

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