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Revenue Cycle Management Dentists

Revenue Cycle Management Dentists  is well-understood by Dental Revu. Working with dentists, orthodontists, and dental offices is our area of expertise. The health of your patients is your top priority as a dental professional. On the other hand, maintaining good revenue cycle management is just as crucial. Because your practice faces financial risk if sales are not in order.

Your dental business won’t lose sight of the patient thanks to our meticulous procedures. Our dental RCM services help you manage your revenue cycle better and provide more reliable patient payments, which boosts sales while keeping expenses down.

Maintaining minimal account receivables on a daily basis can benefit your practice’s health and the satisfaction of your patients.

Additionally, we assist dentists in identifying the claims that are most likely to be problematic. We collaborate with you to provide customized solutions for your business.

We offer complete billing services for dental offices. Including certifying patients for previous services, coding, submitting claims, paying back payments, managing denials, creating reports, and collecting from patients, among other things. Check out our dental RCM services below.

Verifying eligibility and benefits

Before the patient’s appointment, we check their insurance coverage. This entails confirming their rules, beginning and ending dates. In addition to confirming benefits, we also validate coverage. Benefits verification services have resulted in lower denial rates for our suppliers. We compile a list of the standard services your clinic offers. The patient’s insurance company is then contacted for a thorough verification. Prior to the surgery, you can obtain a clear idea of what will be covered. Furthermore, the patient feels more at ease knowing what their out-of-pocket costs will be.


We assist healthcare professionals in streamlining the administration of insurance claims with our dental claim filing services. Clean claims with fewer denials are guaranteed by our claim submission services. To ensure that you receive payments on schedule, we find and fix incomplete claims.

Dental Revenue Cycle Management Products and Services

Revu Billing has experience working with dental clinics and organizations where persistent RCM delinquency requires close monitoring and remediation. Our services’ dependability and scalability are guaranteed by qualified RCM experts. You’ll have more time to focus on providing care and other tasks because we’ll take care of the paperwork. The following are the main components of the dental RCM services provided by Revu Billing

The Management of Payable Bills at RCM Dental Clinic

Among the accounts, payable services we offer at FWS are invoice processing, itemized invoice coding, cost matching, etc. This service is offered each night if you want to make sure the finances of your RCM are in order.

RCM Dental Professionals’ Accreditation

To earn your practice qualifications, we will take care of the paperwork and network enrollment with the insurance carrier on your behalf. Credentialing is a continuous process, therefore we’ll notify you when it’s time to apply once again.

Eliminating Delinquent Accounts

Because data is always being added, removed, and changed, if you haven’t updated your AR in a while, it can be providing you with erroneous results. When new data is input that has similarities to current data, clerical errors might happen. Therefore, we carefully examine your AR system in an effort to find this kind of information.

Adaptive Technology

It can be challenging to get back on track with payments you’ve been delaying when money is tight. We’ll thus search the account flow for the past-due bills and processing errors that have so far prevented payments from proceeding. Once we’ve located all of your receivables, we’ll develop plans to expedite payments to your income stream.

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