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Insurance Verification Dental Services

We help dentists verify their patients’ insurance coverage so they can bill them accurately. We also help dentists avoid costly penalties from insurance companies. Verifying a patient’s insurance eligibility for current coverage, dental insurance benefits, and prior authorization of operations, from cleanings to oral surgery, falls under insurance verification dental services.

Four crucial components make up a patient’s insurance

Plan, Including:




MOOP, or maximum out-of-pocket, costs

An insurance verification specialist in your dental practice should call the patient’s insurance provider before the appointment to verify the patient’s eligibility for dental insurance. Your dental billing department representative can use an interactive voice response (IVR) technology operated by the insurance company to check a patient’s eligibility.

Every week, dental and medical billing departments all around the U.S. and Canada spend hours waiting on hold to complete insurance verification duties. Your dental office can save hours of labor and enhance dental claim clearance rates by outsourcing dental insurance verification to a built-in dental billing service.

A new patient’s insurance claim is more likely to be denied by an insurance company than one for an established patient. Even so, if a dentist doesn’t carry out the proper dental insurance eligibility verificationinsurance companies will reject dental claims for current patients.

Your dental insurance billing department or  insurance verification dental  service will need to confirm a patient’s benefits before a procedure in order to submit an insurance claim for payment and prevent claim denials, regardless of whether Delta Dental, Humana, United HealthCare, or another  insurance verification dental coverage provider provides coverage.

What Exactly Are Insurance Verification Dental Services?

Dental insurance verification services streamline the processes used in your dental practice to confirm benefits and incorporate new insurance data into your patient management system. The Insurance Verification Dental solution integrates with your dental practice software regardless of whether your dental practice specializes in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or family dental treatments.

In particular, when you integrate the Insurance Verification Dental Services  with your patient communication and office administration systems, outsourcing dental insurance verification to an automated system makes it simple for your dental practice to manage benefits verification for new customers.

A Comprehensive And Full Benefits Verification Process

You can use this verification form to help you conduct a full and accurate verification process. The patient’s complete benefits must be gathered, and the information must be entered into your practice management system. The most accurate treatment plan will be produced as a result, taking the patient’s financial obligations into account. We advise your team to gather insurance information and confirm all benefits and eligibility when utilizing this system before the patient arrives for their visit.

You’ll Need To Compile The Following Data:

Name and date of birth of the patient.

– The principal insured’s name

– The Principal Insured’s Social Security Number

– Insurance company identification number: Group number

– Information on how to get in touch with the insurance provider, including their phone number, website, and mailing address for claims

Although we consider this method to be the most precise, it takes the longest. We are also aware that inaccurate information may come from phone verification with an insurance representative. Be prepared to clarify estimates with solid language skills. Rely on the information you have obtained, but be aware that it does not guarantee payment. In the end, the cost of the care is the patient’s responsibility.

A Shorter, Simpler Eligibility Verification Process

By omitting (or minimizing) the requirement for phone calls with insurance personnel, you can choose to simplify the insurance verification procedure. To construct estimates, you will use data acquired from faxes and websites of insurance companies.

In this case, common estimate guidelines are being used without the time-consuming and exhaustive benefits verification process. To generate estimates, you will input eligibility information into your practice management software. To lessen the likelihood of disagreement when the patient balance is more than anticipated, we advise you to estimate highly.

Your front office staff will need to explain in detail, using a simplified version of the benefits form, that the estimates on the treatment plan are ONLY estimates and that any sum not covered by the insurance company would be the patient’s responsibility. This strategy takes less time and gives the patient a rough cost estimate. When employing this streamlined, quicker eligibility verification process, we advise you to pre-determine benefits for larger situations.

Streamlined claims and billing procedures will be made possible by organized systems for gathering patient data and determining insurance eligibility. With either approach, you must inform your patients about the restrictions imposed by dental insurance and emphasize your willingness to meet their needs for care while guiding them through the insurance application process.

What Are the Benefits of Contracting Out Dental Insurance Verification Services?

Outsourcing your dental insurance verification to Revu Billing may make it all happen, from taking your mind off the figures to increasing your accounts receivable collections to removing patients’ aggravation over unexpected additional fees.

We are aware of how challenging it can be to provide patients with high-quality care while simultaneously handling insurance verification and other administrative tasks. As a result, we have developed processes that are astonishingly simplified and a staff of top industry experts.

The combo works very well to handle your patient’s Insurance Verification Dental Service on the backend, allowing you to concentrate on giving high-quality patient care while remaining calm and committed.

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Verification of Eligibility

Patients showing up for dental visits may have recently encountered changes in their employment position due to increasing unemployment rates.

Recoupment issues resulting from retroactive changes to eligibility frequently affect dental businesses. Dental plans have the ability to retroactively update eligibility changes, and provisions in the participating provider contracts allow them to recover payment from the participating dentist when treating a patient who has lost benefit coverage or whose claim was mistakenly paid. Contractually, out-of-network dentists are not required to repay fees made in this circumstance. Payers, however, have deducted money from these dentists’ upcoming payouts.

To prevent future recoupment claims, dental facilities must confirm eligibility on the day of service.

Typically, office personnel will check a patient’s eligibility and coverage via the payer’s web portal or by dialing the toll-free number on their identity card. However, it’s possible that the employer did not promptly notify the patient’s dental plan that the patient’s job and/or associated benefits had ended. This implies that data confirmed through payer portals or call centers could not be current or correct.

The resolution of any subsequent disputes may be aided by keeping a record of interactions with the payer, such as screenshots of the portals with a date and time stamp indicating when eligibility information was accessed or the date and time when a customer service representative was contacted along with the representative’s name. Although payers typically put the onus on the provider by declining to reimburse or by taking back already paid payments.

One of the top Insurance Verification Dental businesses, Revu Billing, ensures convenience for every dentist or dental practice.

Our top-notch staff of insurance specialists is skilled at determining and validating a patient’s insurance coverage prior to receiving treatment.

Without sacrificing the standard of patient care, we can do this laborious task quickly thanks to our optimized processes and systems.

Revu Billing is aware of how challenging it can be to handle insurance company communication while concentrating on business. It affects revenue as well as how satisfied your patients are.

Either concentrate on giving patients high-quality care or gradually increase your revenue. And because your first responsibility is to deliver high-quality care to patients, Revu Billing offers you the greatest dental insurance verification services available in the USA.

You can relax and concentrate more on your services while Revu’s Billing experts handle the insurance verification and other details for your patients. It will boost your practice’s productivity and have a beneficial effect on your patients at the same time, boosting revenue and elevating patient satisfaction.

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