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Dental Insurance Billing Tips For 2023

Dental Insurance Billing Tips  Dental Revu wants to assist you in getting yourself and your staff ready for a fantastic 2023 because we are passionate about the success of your dental office. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 dental billing suggestions for 2023 that you should start using right away. Save this page as a bookmark so you can access it at any time!

Here are the 3 Dental Insurance Billing Tips

1 Make a good early start

Do you hold a morning meeting every day? Otherwise, we advise setting and carrying out that resolution in 2023. If so, how effective is it?

For maximum dental practise efficiency, we have a 10-minute morning huddle template just for you. Review key objectives, identify areas for growth, acknowledge successes, and identify patients who need to stop by the front desk to pay or make an appointment. In just ten minutes! This morning huddle template will wow your team and keep everyone informed. It’s simple to fill out, print, and track progress.

2 Increase patient openness and confidence

Only four out of every ten new patients return to your office for their next visit, according to the average patient retention rate in the dentistry sector, which is 41%. Even though we are aware that no one can be completely satisfied, making a few little adjustments to your dental billing procedures will help you win over your patients’ trust and enhance patient retention.

Make a Pre-Appointment Readiness Plan first. This includes all of the dental billing procedures that must be finished before the customer is seen in the office, from making an appointment with the appropriate provider to thoroughly verifying their insurance. As they directly affect the treatment plan presentation, financial conversations, and post-visit billing statement, these activities must be streamlined and operationalized. All of these factors influence how much patients trust your practice.

Financial negotiations can be challenging, speaking of which. Do you utilise a financial form for transparency and confidence in your dental practise? The financial form can be used to specify your office’s expectations for unpaid balances, payment plans, and more. We have a thorough financial form that you may use in your office, so don’t worry!

3 Maintain a commitment to improving dental billing.

Dental practises that prosper together grow together! Make a commitment to holding weekly team meetings in 2023 to coordinate training, evaluate trends in dental billing, pinpoint areas for process improvement, etc. You can choose from a selection of team meeting themes that provide the ideal balance of diversity and consistency for your ongoing progress.

You can use this cross-training list as a reference for any weeks or months where you want to cross-train. This is not only incredibly effective, but it can also be useful during short-staffing times.

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