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Dental Billing Services In USA

Dental billing services in USA : Dental care is a basic necessity. However, some people in the world do not have this luxury. But its availability varies greatly among regions. Given the importance of good oral health to general well-being, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at the state of dental care and dental billing services in USA. After all, we’re all connected by something as simple as a lovely smile.

Solutions for Complete Dental Billing services in USA

Choose Revu Billing as your business partner if you need dental billing services in the USA. Revu Billing is the perfect billing services provider for you if you want to cut costs, improve efficiency, and return your focus to patient care. Dental billing service is difficult due to the complexity of billing procedures and the ever-changing regulations of dental programs with their associated price schedules. You may rely on us, a dental billing firm based in the United States, for a wide variety of outsourced dental billing services, such as thorough dental eligibility verifications and aid with claim submissions, which will allow you to run your dental practice more smoothly.

Our dental billing company employs AR management specialists whose main task is to reduce accounts receivable and keep them regularly handled. We take a preventative approach to managing your revenue cycle and cash flow. Our dental billers collaborate with dentists, the front desk manager, and dental and medical insurance providers to streamline the management of patient care and payment for dental services. The majority of specialists report to either a billing manager or clinical supervisor, depending on the size of the practice.

Reduce the time spent chasing down AR by having someone else handle verifications and authorizations with dental insurance. Our dental insurance billing management services will relieve your clinical and administrative personnel of any unnecessary burdens. They will make sure to assist you in streamlining your billing procedures, which will increase your revenue and delight your patients.

Dental Revu- A Reliable Dental Billing Service

When it comes to dental procedures like bone grafts, oral implants, and tooth fractures, you can trust us as your go-to dental billing services in USA. We’ve been helping dental practices of all sizes with their billing needs for many years. We can assist any general dentist, or specialist in endodontics, orthodontics, or periodontics. Our dental billing service is second to none, and we’re not afraid to say it. A dedicated project manager and a team of highly experienced specialists will work as an extension of your practice. We don’t take your money for granted; rather, we work hard to earn it.

Revu Billing follows all of the latest regulations in terms of billing. Our dental medical billing team works collaboratively to ensure you receive full reimbursement for your dental claims.

Relax While We Take Care of Your Dental Billing Needs

Revu Billing experience and expertise allow us to help you enhance your revenue cycle management by streamlining your verification process, submitting clean insurance claims for payment, posting all payments to patient ledgers, and decreasing insurance claim denials due to eligibility difficulties. Also, you’ll be free to concentrate on what matters: the well-being of your patients.

Find out how we can improve your financial situation.

Timetables for Patients

Patient Scheduling

Posting of Payments and Cash Receipts

Creating a New Patient Account

Collections and Billing for Insurance

Receiving Payment for Insurance Services

Multiple Benefits Eligibility Checks

Verification of Benefit Eligibility

Paying, and Checking Up on Patient

Authorization and Pre-Determination of Procedures

The Administration of Accounts Receivable

Our Dental Billing Services Have Many Advantages.

Although we are happy to share the details of our background with you, the best approach to see for yourself that we are proficient in this area is to speak with us directly. Contact us to learn more about our dental billing services and risk-free trials with no questions asked for eligibility or authorization!

Contracts that renew every month. We hope to earn your business rather than simply assume it.

Revu Billing is familiar with most major dental plans, such as Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, MetLife, etc.

Experts at our company double-check that no “missing tooth” or “GAP” exclusions are present in the policy.

Providing excellent service to our customers is what ensures our continued success. Each of our clients will have its project manager.

Oral appliance therapy is one area in which we can receive a medical necessity letter.

We have the resources to contact patients again to collect payments.

As part of the AR follow-up protocol, the initial follow-up appointment is scheduled on the 30th day.

Our fees don’t increase with revenue. Pay just for your hours or patients transported.

In addition to dental insurance verification and pre-authorization, we also provide the services of qualified Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) specialists specializing in other areas, such as patient registration.

It’s possible to delegate many tasks to this person or group.

Standardized costing and output norms.

We don’t charge any sort of initial cost.

Time-and-a-half pricing means you only pay for the time you put in

Ideal for a company that has not yet determined the extent of its daily operations. Fees for eligibility checks and other features can be assessed on a per-request basis.

Nutritional maintenance and dental hygiene
What you eat—regardless of where you eat it—becomes a part of your identity. Diet and nutrition affect population dental health.
American and other industrialized nations eat too much sugar, processed carbs, and other unhealthy substances. When combined with poor oral hygiene, this leads to an increase in the prevalence of dental problems such as cavities and gum disease. Poor diet has been shown to stunt the development of teeth and jaws, leading to issues in adulthood, and this is a global concern. In an effort to combat the worldwide dental care crisis, domestic and international humanitarian organizations are working to disseminate information about the correlation between good nutrition and good oral hygiene.

Getting Regular Dental Checkups Can Save Your Life!

No matter where you reside, dental care can save your life! Poor oral health is one of the top five risk factors for a non-communicable chronic illness. Negative dietary habits, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and stress round out the list of avoidable lifestyle factors. The condition of one’s oral health can be indicative of their whole state of well-being. Dental decay and periodontal disease can cause heart disease and stroke. That’s why maintaining a regular schedule of dental checkups and care is essential.

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