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How To Create A Budget-Friendly Dental Marketing Campaign

Executing the operations at your dental clinic calls for a lot more than just specializing in dentistry. Just as in any other small-scale startup, you’ll have to work in multiple directions to start your dental practice successfully. From managing human resources and dealing with the legal requirements to looking after accounts and acting as a marketer – you can come across a lot of functions that you wouldn’t have really learned at your dental college.

While all these functions carry equal importance, dental marketing is definitely a foundational step. You’ll need to set up a proper dental marketing campaign to get started in the first place. Spreading awareness about your practice, building a loyal community of patients, and boosting your growth – these are all dependent upon dental digital marketing.

If you’ve also gotten started with your dental clinic much recently and need a kickstart at a limited budget, we’ve put together the tips for creating an affordable dental marketing plan in this blog post.

Tops Tips To Create A Successful Dental Marketing Plan Against Limited Budget

If you’re looking for something that brings greater outcomes against little investment, digital marketing is the perfect kickstart for you. It cannot just help build greater returns on investment, but today’s consumers also expect their desired products and services to be available online. Be it your dental clinic or any other business, the best place to start is the digital world.

Most patients looking for a dental service often conduct online research. So, existing online could maximize the chances of reaching your potential patients. In addition to that, digital dental marketing is super affordable compared to traditional methods.

You don’t have to spend fortunes to buy a space for your ad on billboards, TV, or magazine. Instead, you can spend only as much as you want and reach the exact potential patients you desire by implementing the right dental marketing tactics with digital.

Take a look at these amazing digital marketing strategies that can help kickstart your dental practice on a much-limited budget and get inspired!

Dental Email Marketing 

Email marketing might sound a little old school. Believe it or not, it’s the most incredible digital marketing strategy and costs you almost nothing. As a dental practitioner running a clinic, be it big or small, you must have patients visiting. And collecting patient information shall be a great part of your administration’s job.

The basic information you collect shall always carry their email addresses. If not, you’re definitely losing on something great. The email addresses of your patients could be your biggest source of dental marketing. They can help reach your potential patients directly in their mailboxes.

You can create an engaging email marketing campaign explaining the great dental services you offer and boom – send them via your email listing accordingly. You may also send in personalized discount offers and introduce new services to your existing clients via emails. It’s one of the cheapest dental marketing tactics, which costs you nothing but only the amount you’re willing to spend.

Dental PPC Marketing

Pay per click is another great digital marketing strategy. It helps you reach the audience of your choice at a very little cost. The best part of dental PPC is that you will only have to pay for the patients who actually click through your ads. It’s totally your choice how much ads spent budget you set, and that too is adjustable based on your campaign results.

DentalRevu has the best dental PPC experts in the team. They are professionally certified and know exactly how to create the most result oriented PPC campaigns for your practice. From bidding the right keywords to creating compelling ad copies and ensuring your ads appear to the forefront of potential patients – our experts can do it all.

The fact that Dental PPC is highly budget-friendly makes it a lot more attractive strategy. You can literally convert a patient against $2.32 only with the right PPC campaign in place.

Dental Content Marketing

Another incredible yet budget-friendly digital marketing tactic is  dental content marketing. The search engine result pages are the most likely place for your patients to find you in the online world. A great way to rank on top of the SERPs is to have impeccable yet SEOoptimized content uploaded on your site – that must be capable of adding value to your viewers.

You can either add a blog, a newsletter, or a press release section to your website. It could be fully dedicated to sharing all the dental industry related information and news – helping your potential patients know about the procedures and treatments in detail.

It is an excellent form of marketing and can help build trust among your patients. The more authoritative content you’ll write and showcase your knowledge about the industry, the higher would be your patient’s trust and loyalty to your dental services.

Dental Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are a great means of helping you accomplish all your dental marketing goals. With 90% of the total world’s population actively using one or more social media networks on a daily basis, there’s a great chance of your potential patients existing there.

Establishing an engaging social presence of your dental practice across social networks most used by your potential audience could be a great form of marketing. It can help you reach patients at any time of their day. You can also build an informative community with the patients – sharing informational yet engaging content.

The more responsive and engaging you’d be across your social media platforms, the more likely you’re to build an extended patients’ community – eventually helping you execute dental marketing at the cost you can afford and not against fortunes.

If you think only a younger generation could be reached across social media platforms and that they aren’t your target audience. You’re pretty wrong in your thought. Branded content across social media platforms is likely to attract the age groups between fifty-five and sixty-four twice as much as it does the age groups around twenty-eight and younger.

Dental Social Media Marketing is the cheapest channel you could utilize for dental marketing and could definitely help you reach an immense audience.

Dental YouTube Ads

With digital marketing taking over the entire world, the viewership of TV seems to be largely shifting towards video streaming platforms as of YouTube. An estimated thirty million people worldwide watch YouTube daily – making it a great platform for reaching out to a potential audience.

Unlike TV, it’s a lot cheaper to buy ad spaces on YouTube. The best part is – you can target your utmost potential audience using the insights and do not have to waste budget hitting the screens of non-potential audiences.

In addition to that, you can also create a YouTube channel and start creating helpful content for your viewers. A dental practitioner can create informational videos about dental treatments and procedures, talk about the go-to remedies for dental pains, and so on. There’s a lot you can teach and talk about through YouTube; it’s up to your creativity to use this amazing platform for dental marketing.

Build Your Budget-Friendly Dental Marketing Campaign Today

Creating a budget-friendly dental marketing campaign can really help boost up your dental practice. However, you need to know the right tips and tactics to accomplish your dental marketing goals. The above-described digital marketing strategies could be of great help in uplifting your dental clinic.

However, you might feel the need for professional assistance at some point in time. After all, you’re a dental practitioner and not a professional digital marketer. You can not do that all, but we can sure do.

At DentalRevu, we have the best dental marketing experts hired in the team. They are all professionally certified individuals with years of experience helping dental clinics rise from scratch and become the best. We can help you create the most budget-friendly yet result-oriented dental marketing campaigns – ensuring you’re capable of reaching the desired heights without hassle.

Partner with the best dental marketing experts from our team and prepare to become the most desired dental clinic in your town in almost no time.


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