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Tips and Tactics for Effective Dental Scheduling

Handling a fast-paced dental office without proper scheduling is an almost impossible task. You will certainly lose track of time, end up overlapping patient slots, and dissatisfying patients with increased waiting times.

Are you also facing all these obstacles that prevent your practice from growing in the right direction? Well, it doesn’t have to be like this always. You can easily get over such obstacles and begin to expand your practice the right way by adopting accurate scheduling practices.

To help your practice grow in the right direction, we’ve put together all the best tips and tactics for effective dental scheduling in this blog post.

The Best Tips and Tactics For Effective Dental Scheduling

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Estimate The Average Time For Each Of The Treatments You Provide

This is the most neglected yet crucial part of effective dental scheduling. You must know exactly how much time a particular treatment takes to schedule it the right way with your patient. A simple way to do so is to enlist all the popular dental treatments offered at your clinic and give each of them an estimated time based on your experience.

Now that you know the exact time each treatment would take, you can easily schedule your patients every day. Here’s the list of some tips you must follow when estimating the average time of your treatment procedures.

    • Focus on the high-production treatments, always. This refers to scheduling patients who are due for high-paying treatments on a priority basis. Though dealing with all your patients is your core responsibility as a dentist, you must be prioritizing high-paying patients for an increased ROI./li>
      <li “>Always track the time required for each treatment individually, and don’t forget to do that separately for both the doctor and the assistant>

<li “>Also, take into consideration the prep-up and transition times. They shall also be a part of the overall time a particular treatment takes in competition.

Build A Strategic System For Each Treatment 

Since performing a similar treatment procedure would require you to go through an almost similar process every time, it’s a smarter way to build a strategic system for each of the treatments you offer. Having the system documented would help all the involved staff to know their responsibilities and be on time.

This will help minimize the confusion and make the procedures more effective than ever. Set Your Production Goals – a very important tip to come with successful dental scheduling  is to set your production goals. Like every business, the dental practice shall also have its aims and objectives, explaining exactly how much they want to expand in a specified time. Having those documented goals and objectives in hand, you can easily schedule appointments in alignment with your production goals. You wouldn’t have to stress about the loss of time or patients since you know how many patients and treatments you exactly need to intake for meeting the set business goals and objectives.


Use An Automated Dental Scheduling Software 

Now that you have adequate command over the estimated treatment times and the production goals at your dental practice, it’s time you come up with an effective system or software to ensure effective dental scheduling.

DentalRevu’s comprehensive online dental scheduling services allow you to sit back while all your patients get their slots booked automatically with real-time updates. It also sends timely reminders to your patients, keeps the patients on hold if there’s an excessive inflow, notifies last-minute cancellations, and lets you schedule patients from the waiting list to fill up all the emptied slots.

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DentalRevu is a leading provider of dental practice scheduling services in town and allows you to maximize ROI with full schedules every day. With dedicated staff on board and incredible dental scheduling software at hand, we can help you schedule the most patients in perfect alignment with your production goals.

We let you serve each patient with quality care and time while handling back-end operations. In addition to that, we never let your slots go empty with our efficient system that instantly notifies cancellations and helps fill up your empty slots even at the last moment.

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