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10 Productive Things You Can Do While An Expert Handles Your Dental Billing Process

Do the office managers and administration staff at your dental clinic are always busy chasing down the claims for reimbursements? It takes hours and hours off your employees’ precious time in the entire process. From insurance verification to the dental billing process – it is a lot of work. Especially, it becomes a lot when your administration is handling the stuff. This is because they’re not the experts in dental insurance verification and dental billing, which is a skill-based task.

However, if you manage to outsource the entire dental billing and insurance verification process of your clinic to a reliable service provider -you can definitely save a lot of your employees’ time. But while your staff wouldn’t be handling the dental billing and verification processes, do you think their roles would only be limited to taking calls and scheduling appointments? Nope, not even close to that.

There are tons of productive things your staff can do in this time and provide such benefits to your clinic you’d have never thought about.

Take a look at the ten most productive things you can do while the experts handle your dental billing process, and get inspired!

Execute A Referral Marketing Plan

Do you offer any referral incentives to your patients? A discount on their copayment or flexible installments if they manage to refer someone from either their family or friend?

If you aren’t already doing that – you must know that referrals and word-of-mouth are the best forms of marketing for the dental industry, and patients feel much rewarded when they get referral incentives. This really helps motivate them to refer, and the more they bring in referrals, the bigger it could contribute to your revenue.

Expand Your Social Media Presence

Though most people in the dental industry presume social media to be a secondary form of marketing, it has recently become the most incredible and happening medium. Given the huge percentage of people actively using social media from around the globe, it’s almost certain that somewhat 90% of your target audience would also be active on at least a few social platforms.

Set New Production and Scheduling Goals – the hard fact is – you cannot earn what you do not produce. Therefore, you always need to set adequate production goals if you want to achieve.

Implement Streamlined Process For Discussing Finances With Patients

Discussing finances with your patients is always a difficult task. However, you can make that easier by streamlining the process.

Implementing a process can really help you bring transparency and accountability to your processes. It can involve a clear explanation of the treatment you’re recommending and a detailed breakdown of the charges and how much of them are covered by the insurance, and if there’s any copayment required.

Since you’ll be getting clear information about the patients’ benefits and coverage from your dental billing and verification company – it would be much easier to get through the process of explaining the finances to your patients.

Implement Streamlined Process For Discussing Finances With Patients

There are literally a number of things that can impact your dental billing process, and reducing those obstacles seems like an impossible task. However, you can handle that by preparing a pre-appointment readiness plan. The plan could cover everything from the patients’ benefits to their required treatment and if that comes under the coverage or if a particular copayment is required.

While the dental billing experts can manage the core gathering of patient information, verification of their benefits, and claim submission and follow-ups, you can easily work on the pre-appointment readiness plan. The best part is you’ll have all the required information at hand.

Actively Engage With Patients

Do you often feel like you’re rushing towards a treatment plan with your patients without really engaging with them or giving the time that’s mandatory? You’re stressed with the amount of work on your shoulders, such as – the claims you’ve to submit, the payments you’ve to follow up on, etc.

Well, that’s undoubtedly every other practitioner with low staff and the responsibilities of dental billing on their shoulders. However, if you manage to outsource the operation to some reliable company – you can easily get the time to engage with the patients actively and provide them the attention they deserve.

Implement A Post-Treatment Follow-Up Procedure

If you really want to build long-term relationships with your patients and convince them of your great concern for their health – implementing a post-treatment follow-up procedure can really help. It might take some extra time out of your tough routine, but that little investment of time can bring in major benefits in the form of patient loyalty and trust.

The more your patients think you’re concerned about their health, the more they’re likely to keep you on top of their options the next time they need a dental practitioner.

Develop Training Programs For Your Dental Staff

Since your team would be free of all the undue burden and stress after hiring a dental billing company, you can arrange training programs for your dental staff. The key to running a successful dental practice is to have excessively trained employees on board. The more each member of your dental team knows about the different functions at your clinic, the better they’d be able to contribute to the success of your practice.

Host Daily Team Meetings

A very important part of running a successful dental practice is maintaining quality communication across the team. You cannot carry out the operations adequately unless your team has well-established coordination and understands each others’ functions more clearly.

Therefore, the best way to attain that level of communication and coordination is to host daily meetings every morning. They could just be a 10-minute stand-up where everyone updates about their work status, so the entire team remains updated and coordinated. You can also use that meeting slot to discuss new opportunities, assign new responsibilities to your team, even celebrate a particular achievement, etc.

Motivate Patients To Leave Reviews

Patient reviews are an important form of marketing and can really enhance the number of incoming patients at your clinic. However, not all the patients are likely to leave a review once they’ve had their treatment done at your clinic. Either they’d forget doing so or wouldn’t even have the thought of reviewing your practice at all.

The best you can do is to remind your patients every time they’re leaving after the treatment for the reviews. You do not have to be intimidating, but a gentle reminder can really work. Patients searching for a dental clinic are much more likely to be attracted to places that have a bulk of positive reviews available on their websites.

Need Help With Your Dental Billing Process?

You’re not the only one struggling with this tedious task. Almost every dental practice seems to be finding dental billing help so that they can focus on their core responsibilities and functions, as mentioned above.

Dental billing is truly a complicated process and requires lots of skill and expertise. And that’s where the services of Revu Billing come in – helping practitioners get rid of the tedious tasks and focus on what matters most. We have the best dental billing experts in our team who know exactly how to successfully manage your dental billing operation and collect all that you owe.

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