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Five Ways You Can Best Utilize Offsite SEO To Boost Your Dental Practice

SEO is one effective means of boosting your dental practice. From spreading awareness about your practice and reaching potential patients to enhancing your online reputation and bringing you a ton of conversions – a rightful SEO strategy can really do everything to help expand your dental practice. 

While most dental digital marketing efforts are drifted towards on-page SEO such as keyword optimization, etc., off-site SEO could really do miracles for your dental practice when worked upon with dedication.

Dive in to learn the great off-site SEO strategies that can help boost your dental practice and take it to some unbelievable heights! 


Establish Google My Business & Yelp

The two most significant online directories for dentists are definitely GMB and Yelp. It can actually help you convey a lot of crucial information about your practice to prospective patients in an easy manner. 


The list of things you can update over GMB may include –

  • Business hours 
  • Location 
  • Pictures from your dental clinic 
  • List of services you offer
  • Brief description of your services 
  • Secure reviews 
  • Share updates about your business, etc. 


Wondering how maintaining a GMB profile of your dental practice can help reach prospective patients? Well, GMB optimization is a part of your off-site SEO activities, and the right efforts can really list you above all competition. 


When people search for a dental clinic on maps, a list of GMB profiles appears, and so, they usually click through a few of them from the top, check them out for services and reviews, and boom – pick the one satisfying their needs the most. 


Consider having a rightly optimized GMB profile of your clinic ranking on top of the list and that too with great online reviews. Wouldn’t that be a source of attracting massive foot traffic to your clinic? It sure would be! 


In addition to that, having a great GMB profile of your clinic can also help uplift your website’s ranking. The more times your patients click on it and review your services online, the higher your website would rank. 


Also, Yelp is a great directory for dentists, not as famous as GMB, but a lot of people tend to search it to find quality dental services. It’s always a good idea to have your practice listed on Yelp with all the details about your services and a bunch of impressive reviews. 


Register Your Practice In The Local Business Listings

Once you’re done establishing fully optimized profiles on GMB and Yelp, it’s time to mark your practice around some local directories. It can really help you speed up the link-building efforts. 


People used to find businesses in the yellow pages previously. Unlike those times, a lot of people would now search for a dental practice over online directories – mostly in the ones specific to their local areas. 


Listing your practice in such local directories and those listing dentists from across the state is important for multiple reasons. While they can always help get new patients and drive traffic to your website, they are also very critical in terms of SEO. 


The success of your local SEO strategies majorly depends upon building local citations (listing your business across the local, state-level, and even regional online directories). The more credible directories you have citations from, the better would Google find your practice and rank it to the top of SERPs. 


The best way to get your practice listed on such directories is to approach them yourself, and boom. Most of them would list you in for absolutely free, and some might cost you a fee. 


However, if you find it overwhelming to find the right directories for your dental; practice and approach all of them while handling the entire clinical operations at the same time, you can always hire a professional service and get your listings done in almost time. 


Put Efforts In Securing Online Reviews

Online reviews on your site or even the GMB profile could really play a salesperson for your practice. They have the power of convincing your prospects about the great dental care and services you offer without any biases at their end. 


Though Google suggests not to ask your clients for reviews against discounts of offers, there’s no harm in asking them to leave feedback very politely. If you’re serving your patients with the right quality and care, they must be really satisfied. However, not all of them would voluntarily write reviews. 


That’s where your role comes in; reminding them to write reviews for the service every time you see them off after successful treatment or session can really boost up the percentage of positive online reviews on your site. And, of course, this is the most white-hat means of securing positive reviews. 


The more positive online reviews your practice will have, the higher your GMB and Yelp profiles would rank, and the same is the case for your website. In addition to that, people also tend to believe in the services that have been positively talked about by the clients themselves. 


The reviews and testimonials you collect from your patients are a form of user-generated content. And guess what? Google truly loves user-generated content. It’s mainly because UGC reflects how your audience engages with your site.


Some of the reviews may include natural keywords. It can really help uplift your ranking and drive more traffic to your website if that happens. In addition to that, online reviews and testimonials can also serve as social proof of your service quality and help expand your patient base. 


A great tip for bringing all your positive online reviews into their best usage is – to use markup. It can help you display the overall rating of your dental services along with the snippet of your website, which appears on the SERPs. The higher your rating, the more clicks you get and really boost up the ranking and overall practice. 


Scale Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a great means of investing in off-page SEO activities. Active signals from your social media platforms can really impact your website’s ranking and give them a positive boost. 


Google gets the indication when you have active social media profiles that continuously publish credible information that could be valuable to your patients. The more your patients engage with your posts; the clearer is that your services are relevant to their interests. Thus, Google really counts your social media as a crucial factor when determining your SEO ranks. 


Take a look at a few things that can make your social media platforms appear active and relevant to Google –


  • Consistent posting 
  • Massive followers and post likes 
  • Massive comments and post engagements 
  • Huge post shares and retweets
  • Blog posts & articles shared from the website 


The best way to scale your dental clinic’s social media presence is to create accurate profiles. They are basically the ones made with proper business descriptions, a location map integrated, illustrated business hours, and of course – automated replies set to serve most of the patients’ regular queries. 


In addition to that, creating a social media calendar, keeping a stack of industry-relevant posts ready, and scheduling them accordingly can really help you maintain an active social media presence for your dental practice. 



Invest Into Link Building & Guest Posting

Apart from securing business citations, linking to other credible dentistry websites is also a part of a successful off-page SEO strategy. The total number of quality websites you have backlinks from really matters to Google when it comes to determining your SEO ranking. 


An ideal way to secure backlinks from credible websites in your industry is to write informational yet engaging guest posts. It could be anything – ranging from the detailed how-to-guides about common dental procedures, listicles about the best ways to maintain oral hygiene, etc. All that matters is – it should be unique, relevant, and value-adding for your audience. 


You can reach out to credible websites from your industry and propose them to publish your guest posts – linking back to your dental website. Some of them may allow you to post for absolutely free, and some might even cost you a fee. Both ways are perfectly white-hat and what matters most is the authority of the website your building links with. 


Though the quality of backlinks is an important factor, quantity plays an equal role too. The more qualitative backlinks your website possesses, the higher your rank on the SERPs. 


Boost Your Dental Practice With DentalRevu Today 

Though the above-listed off-page SEO strategies are great to help you uplift ranking and expand your dental practice, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of managing it all alongside your regular clinic operations. 


If that’s the case, DentalRevu could be at your service without the hassle. We are the best dental SEO company with all the finest SEO experts hired in the team. They’re all professionals fully skilled with the art of crafting and executing the most outperforming off-page SEO strategies to help uplift your dental practice.


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