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How Is Outsourcing Dental Billing Effective? Pros and Cons Explained

Operating a successful dental practice is tedious. It comes along with a big stack of tasks and responsibilities. If you’re running a practice yourself as a dentist, you must be overwhelmed by the continuous efforts.

From dealing with insurance companies and managing bills and claims to providing quality patient care and conducting treatments – there’s a lot on a dental practitioner’s plate. To run your practice efficiently, you’ll definitely need some professional assistance at some point very soon. There’s a possibility your colleagues have recommended you outsource dental billing and insurance to some agency too.

Every decision you make in business comes along with pros and cons simultaneously. There’s nothing perfect, especially when you’re operating a dental practice – which itself is a time and effort intensive process. The best you can do here is pick alternatives with lesser cons and bigger pros.

Take a look at these pros and cons lists and know-how outsourcing dental billing the most effective decision for your practice could be.

The Pros Of Outsourcing Dental Billing

Let’s begin with the positive aspects. Take a look at these amazing benefits you can enjoy by outsourcing dental billing.

1) You Won’t Have To Deal The Insurance Companies

The one thing you have been dreading since the beginning must be dealing with insurance companies. Well, the good news is – outsourcing dental billing could save you from the hassle.

DentalRevu is a professional dental billing company with all the experts hired in the team. They specialize in everything from gathering patient information and verification to submitting rightly curated claims.

Though dealing with insurance companies is often frustrating. It could get even worse when there’s difficulty in getting the claims successfully reimbursed. However, professional dental billers are trained enough to tackle these difficulties. They are less likely to get frustrated and know the tactics of getting your bills rightly submitted and reimbursed.

2) You Will Have Time To Deliver Quality Patient Care 

Since dental billing eats up a lot of your time, outsourcing could really save you time to focus on other important things at your dental clinic.

The time your office staff spends on phone calls conversing with the insurance companies is a lot. From gathering patient information and conducting verification to creating and submitting adequate billing claims – there’s a lot to be done. And all of that could be managed much more effectively by outsourcing dental billing. The excessive time your staff spends on it can serve your patients. You can provide them with quality care and ensure attaining patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction is the key in dental practice. It is the foundation of your revenue and growth. The more you’d be able to satisfy your patients; the bigger your practice would grow. They are the primary source of bringing you more patients through positive word-of-mouth. In addition to that, attaining maximum patient satisfaction can maximize the number of regular visitors at your clinic.

For instance, if a patient coming to your clinic is rightly treated and given proper time and quality – they would definitely return to your clinic the next time in need or even for routine dental checkups.

3) You Will Be Able To Collect All That You Owe

This is the most incredible advantage of outsourcing dental billing. As a dental practitioner, you must be trying hard to collect all that you owe and yet fail. That’s common, mainly because you are an expert dentist and not a dental billing professional.

It brings you in contact with professional billers. They are experts in creating and submitting the most successful billing claims. Since they’re from the same field and have tons of industry experience – they know exactly how to create error-free claims. And even if there’s a case of claim delay or denial – they definitely know how to make appeals and get your claims reimbursed successfully.

With all the great knowledge and experience they’ve got; professional dental billers can surely help collect everything that you owe.

The Cons Of Outsourcing Dental Billing 

Though the above-listed pros seem much enticing, you must know that outsourcing dental billing sure comes with a list of cons as well. It’s important to know that hiring a dental billing services company has both pros and cons; it’s up to you to choose which of them sounds more dominant.

1) You Might Not Have Easy Access To The Remote Biller

A common rule in outsourcing dental billing is you’ve to work with a biller remotely. This means you have to work from a distance and cannot as easily access your remote biller as you’d if they were in the office.

Though the remote dental billers are often very experienced and knowledgeable individuals, you could feel less in control working with them. You might feel like things won’t be able to process as you want them to. And that’s a justified feeling. If you’re planning on hiring a dental billing company, you must ensure they’ve got an efficient communication process. Having a dedicated account manager who solely works on your practice and is accessible 24/7 in real-time could be a way out of this con.

2) You Will Have To Trust An Outsider

There’s no doubt to the fact that you’ll conduct thorough research before outsourcing to a dental billing company. However, despite knowing the great expertise and legitimacy of your billing partners – they’re still an outsider and handing them over the most critical part of your practice could be scary.

If you also feel that way about outsourcing dental billing, the concern is very much genuine. An outsider handling your bills could know about the exact amount of your earnings, they could have access to the most sensitive information of your business, and much more. However, the easiest way to fight away this con is hiring DentalRevu dental billing company.

We are a top-tier dental billing services company that provides each client with fully ethical services. If you’re worried about the outsiders getting access to your sensitive information, our billers truly don’t get that access at all. We will definitely assist you in submitting successful claims and getting them reimbursed. But the money goes into your account directly, and none of our billers can access neither the money nor information.

3) You Will Have Additional Communication To Tackle

Another critical con that comes with outsourcing dental billing is the additional communication. You’ll have to communicate with your remote biller and be in touch with them all the time. It could be difficult to manage while dealing with the other stuff at your dental office.

But if you’re thinking of dropping the idea of outsourcing dental billing just because of this additional communication, think again!

Communicating with the remote biller would sure take some time and effort. However, that would be nothing in front of all the time and effort you’d have to spend on dental billing and insurance if it’s not outsourced. All you have to do is maintain good communication with the biller, and boom – there will hardly be any problems.

How Is Outsourcing Dental Billing Effective?

Now that you’ve been through the entire list of pros and cons, you must understand how outsourcing dental billing could be effective for your practice. Its cons are relatively less impacting in comparison to the pros and could also be easily dealt with.

Suppose you hire a great dental billing company that offers exquisite services, maintains good communication with the remote biller, and builds a trustable relationship with your billing partner. In that case, there’s no way these cons could impact your dental practice in any possible way.

However, outsourcing is not for everyone. And you must consider all the pros and cons in alignment with the issues and problems of your dental practice. At DentalRevu, we always conduct thorough research into the client’s dental practices before onboarding them. It helps us identify whether the problems of practice could be resolved through outsourcing or not.

The more we’re clear about the needs of a dental practice, the better we can provide them with effective dental billing services.

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