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Comparing eAssist Dental Billing and Dental Revu: Which is the Better Solution

Dental billing is a process that can be both time-consuming and difficult. Many dental practices now use electronic billing solutions to improve efficiency and streamline procedures. Two popular applications in this area are eAssist Dental Billing and Dental Revu. To help you choose the best company for your medical practice, we’ll compare the two below.

eAssist Dental billing

eAssist Dental Billing is a web-based service that makes dental billing easier by taking care of patient information, verifying insurance, and sending in claims. The company has professional dental coders who make sure that your claims are filed correctly and in full. A flat fee is based on the number of claims submitted. This could make eAssist an affordable option for businesses.

Advantages of hiring eAssist Dental Billing

eAssist’s adaptability is one of its many advantages. To meet the unique requirements of each clinic, the company collaborates with the clinic to customize its offerings. Because of this, eAssist dental billing can handle a variety of dental services, such as orthodontics, oral surgery, and periodontics. In addition, eAssist provides a comprehensive set of reporting tools for keeping tabs on KPIs like patient payments, insurance company contributions, and claims in the process.

eAssist’s dedication to its customers is a further benefit. For each clinic they assign a personal account manager. The company’s support staff is always available via phone, email, and live chat. Whether you are new to electronic billing or you are in need of help with a complex billing scenario. This level of support can be invaluable.

Dental Revu

Dental Revu, which is a cloud-based dental billing solution, aims to automate the billing procedure. When the software is added to an organization’s existing dental practice management system, insurance claims can be automatically made and sent. You can manage your claims, payments, and insurance verification all from within Dental Revu.

Advantages of Hiring Dental Revu

Dental Revu’s user-friendliness is one of the program’s many strengths. The software’s interface is sleek and contemporary, making it easy to learn and use. If your practice doesn’t have a full-time billing staff or you just want to streamline your billing, this may be a good option for you.

Dental Revu’s pricing structure is an additional benefit. The software is available as a subscription service, and the price depends on how many doctors work at the clinic. For medical centers that would rather not invest in expensive new billing systems, this may be a viable alternative.

Comparison between Dental Revu and eAssist

There are a few different aspects to think about when contrasting eAssist and Dental Revu.

  •       The first factor to consider is the degree of adaptability each option offers. While Dental Revu is more concerned with billing automation, eAssist is known for its flexibility in meeting the needs of individual practices. That said, eAssist may be a better fit for practices that have more complex billing requirements, while Dental Revu may be the better choice for those who want a more straightforward billing experience.
  •       Providing excellent after-sale service is also crucial. When comparing eAssist and Dental Revu, it’s important to note that eAssist provides a dedicated account manager for each practice, while Dental Revu does not. For practices that are new to electronic billing or in need of assistance with more complex billing scenarios, this level of support can be invaluable.
  •       Competitive pricing is also an important factor. Dental Revu is offered on a subscription basis, while eAssist has a flat fee structure that is tied to the volume of claims filed. Your budget and the number of claims you submit will determine your practice’s ideal pricing structure.
  •       Last but not least, you should evaluate the reporting features of each option. Collections, reimbursements, and outstanding claims are just some of the KPIs that can be monitored with the help of eAssist’s extensive set of reporting tools. Dental Revu may not have as many reporting options as eAssist, but it does have at least a few. Because of this, eAssist may be the better choice for practices that place a premium on data analysis and reporting.
  •       In the end, your unique set of circumstances will determine which billing method is best for your medical practice. eAssist is a better choice if you need a lot of flexibility in your setup and powerful reporting features. But Dental Revu might be the best choice if you want your billing process to be easy and quick.

It’s also significant to note that customers have given both eAssist and Dental Revu high marks. Following the implementation of these solutions, many practices have reported increased efficiency and improved reimbursement rates. There is a high level of trust between customers and both businesses.


Electronic billing solutions may prove to be an invaluable asset for dental practices to improve their output and efficiency. Examining each program’s flexibility, customer support, cost, and analytic tools is helpful when deciding between eAssist and Dental Revu. For your dental practice, the optimal solution will depend on your specific circumstances. An electronic billing solution can help your dental practice save time and money, allowing you to focus more on your patients.


What exactly are dental billing services?

Dental billing services are the process of dental offices submitting insurance claims to dental insurance providers. Services include; checking patient insurance coverage, filing claims, and following up on denied claims or claims that were filed late. Accurate and prompt payment to dental practices is a priority.

Why should dental offices hire outside companies to handle their billing?

By reducing the need for in-house billing staff and other administrative expenses, dental practices can benefit financially from outsourcing dental billing services. There will be fewer claim denials and quicker reimbursement times if billing is outsourced. This can free up time for dentists to spend caring for patients instead of dealing with paperwork.

What are the most common services that dental billing companies offer?

Dental billing companies provide a wide variety of services. It includes patient registration and verification, claim submission and tracking, insurance follow-up and appeals filing, and the creation of financial reports. Services like patient billing and collections, as well as credentialing, coding, and compliance, may be provided by some businesses.

How can a dental office find the right billing service?

Dental practices should think about the provider’s history and reputation, the breadth and cost of its offerings, the transparency of its billing and payment policies, and the depth and breadth of its data analysis and reporting. Pick a service that has worked with dental insurance companies before and is familiar with the special billing requirements of dental offices.



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