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Confused About Hiring A Dental Accountant?

Similar to any other business field, you also need to manage the accounts as a dental practitioner. From incoming payments to the expenses and everything – it’s a really hectic process. It sure calls for hiring a professional accountant to get your job rightly done.

But wait!

Would a standard professional accountant really work with the unique requirements of your dental practice? Certainly not because dental accounting is pretty different from the generic accounting usually practiced at businesses. Specifically, with an estimated 65% of Americans having their dental health covered under insurance plans, dental accounting is more about understanding the dental codes than just simple accounts.

Therefore, its crucial for a dental practitioner or clinic to hire accountants with a specified background in the dental industry. However, a lot more questions must brew up in your mind when hiring a dental accountant. This blog post is aimed at answering all your burning dental accounting questions. From whys to how’s – get all your queries resolved!

Why Do I Need A Dental Accountant? 

Unlike other business fields, the dental practice has to deal with insurance carriers and companies a lot. The primary source of money at a dental clinic is the payments reimbursed via insurance companies, and it’s different to handle than direct payments from consumers.

That’s where accountants specializing in the dental industry intervene. DentalRevu is a center of professionally trained dental accountants who’ve helped hundreds of dental clinics manage their accounts and reach incredible heights. Each of the dental accountants in our team possesses extensive knowledge of all dental codes and specialize in handling your payments and expenses together. It would always prevent any of your reimbursements leaking from the cracks.

Do I Have To Change My Existing Dental Software? 

Not really; you don’t always have to change your existing dental software when hiring dental accounting services. But since you would always want to ensure the dental accountant you’re hiring is well-versed with your practice management software so they can easily navigate through, it’s ideal that you have popular software in practice.

Also, DentalRevu ensures everything remains transparent, so we can help you transport your accounting software online – to the QuickBooks – for absolutely free. It helps you access all your accounting information from anywhere and at any time.

Do I Have To Fire My Existing Accountant? 

Well, this totally depends on you. Suppose you already have a professional yet trusted accountant on board who’s pretty good at the job except for being dental savvy. In that case, you can surely hire the dental accounting services for just EFT reconciliation and keep the existing one on board for other accounting needs.

DentalRevu offers flexible yet easy-to-adapt accounting services that could be bothered cut-short and expanded based on your needs and requirements.


How Exactly Would A Dental Accountant Uptake My Practice?

The questions burn a lot of times in mind – how exactly a dental accountant would uptake your practice when all they would do is manage my existing accounts. Well, the truth is – a dental accountant knows specified details about managing your dental bills, the incoming payment reimbursements, and a lot more. Also, they have expanded information about things a standard accountant would not know – such as where the exceeding expenses could be cut, etc.

Here’s how a dental accountant could actually uptake your practice –

  • Since all the hassle would be managed rightly by your accountant – you’d have financial peace and be able to focus more on delivering quality patient care – building patient satisfaction and growing your practice.
  • Since dental accountants know a lot of dental billing and coding – they’d never let any of your payments leak out – contributing to the revenue.
  • Since dental accountants know the dental practice inside out – they’d keep great control over your expenses – ensuring an increased ROI.

Who Would Be Managing My Money Directly?

Money management is a critical part of every business, and not everyone can trust a dental accounting service with that. DentalRevu completely respects your decision and leaves money management on your end when providing great dental accounting services.

From paying your bills to managing the payroll – our dental accountants can do that all without really handling your money physically. We follow a HIPPA compliant approach and let you decide what bills you want us to pay. You just let us know and boom – we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I Get Customized Dental Accounting Services?

It up to the dental accountant you’re hiring to offer customized services or not. Most dental accountants either offer a complete suite or an empty box. DentalRevu, unlike others, has the best professional accountants – all ready to serve you in the areas you require only. They are all certified dental accountants passionate about helping you meet your financial goals without hassle.

Outsource Your Dental Accounting Today –

Outsourcing is a common term in the dental industry. You must be outsourcing the human resource management, marketing, billing, and so on. It’s high time to consider outsourcing your dental accounting to a reputable service too. Unlike other areas, accounting is hard to be outsourced because money is its primary component. But DentalRevu assures you to provide 100% transparent and reliable accounting services.

We always keep our clients in the loop and are willing to collaborate with your billing partners – if you’ve outsourced dental billing – at the same time. So, outsource your dental accounting to DentalRevu and take your dental practice to new heights with sorted accounts.

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