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Easy Medical Billing Solutions

Providing expert care while maintaining and organized and profitable anesthesiology practice is a lot to take on – dealing with tedious tasks like filing insurance claims and billing is time consuming and more often than not, it can be confusing. Your time should be allocated to other areas, like tending to your patients, not trying to navigate insurance and billing. Fortunately, we have an easy solution to that problem:  choosing Revu Medical to handle it for you! By choosing Revu Medical to manage your insurance claims and medical billing needs you can have all that time and energy back to put toward your practice.

By allowing Revu to handle your billing and insurance verification needs, you can expect to receive a full-service billing solution for your anesthesiology practice, regardless of size. Our main objective is to take the burden of exhaustive and overly repetitive administration tasks off your to-do list so that you can focus on what is most important:  providing top of the line care to your patients.

We guarantee that our experts at Revu will handle all your billing duties from ensuring insurance claims are processed to the collection of money that is owed to you and your practice.

How Can Our Services Help Manage Your Anesthesiology Practice?

By offering a variety of services to help your practice stay at peak performance, our team of billing and management experts offer:




Our team of specialists works to carefully check that each insurance payment or adjustment is posted to the patient’s ledger within 24 hours of the EOB being scanned at your clinic.


At Revu, we send claims electronically to ensure the highest level of accuracy and security. This guarantees that all billing claims are received by a reputable insurance carrier in an effective, secure, and timely manner. We also cooperate with your existing electronic claims system to provide a seamless process. However, if you do not have an electronic claims system already established, we are more than happy to assist you in setup for you at no additional cost.


To ensure complete accuracy, our team of specialists carefully reviews each claim before they are sent off to be processed. However, if a claim is denied, our dedicated team will quickly and effectively find the reason for the denial and will file an appeal. We will go to any length to resolve disputed claims on your behalf.


Revu’s skilled team of experts is committed to authenticating the creation of each insurance claim. We do so by ensuring that every claim is created promptly and contains all necessary information, allowing the oversight to be corrected if necessary, and your accounts receivables to run as adequately and efficiently as possible.


Here at Revu, we go above and beyond to make everything is as simple and efficient as we can. To maintain smooth operations, we always send claims to insurance companies electronically since the use of electronic attachments is the most efficient method for medical billing. Every attachment is thoroughly inspected and validated to ensure that attachments are error-free, avoiding any difficulties or delays. If an insurance provider does not accept electronic attachments, we are able to process a paper attachment via mail.


Revu is your premium medical billing partner, and we are dedicated to recovering all the necessary missing information from your patients. With a full staff of experts and professionals dedicated to ensuring all claims are processed correctly and delivered promptly to the insurance company, saving you and your patients time and money.

How Does Billing and Insurance Verification Work?

Patient Data Entry

Once a patient registers with your practice, we get to work on entering their information into our electronic billing software, and a claim is generated. Then, we continue onto the next step in the process: claim verification.

Claim Verification

As soon as all claims are satisfied, it is then process for submission to the patient’s insurance company.

Claim Submission

As soon as the claims are satisfied, we process them for submission to the respective insurance companies.

Payment Posting

Once payment has been received from the insurance company, it is immediately posted to the patient’s ledger by our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Steph Duarte, The Chicago Dental Studio

As an expanding company, Dental Revu has been a great aid to our services. Henry and his team have been providing great customer service since we began working together. Not only have they provided solutions to issues that we may come across but they are very communicative. It been a pleasure working with them and I can not wait to see what the future holds for our partnership.

Julia Cdebaca, Refuge Counselling Center

I'm very grateful for the kind and efficient support offered by the Revu staff. My billing is now handled efficiently, questions are answered promptly and the service is provided at a great value.

Chesapeake Dental

Our practice is using this amazing Team to do our insurance verifications and they are on point. They helped us see more patients and make our front office system more efficient. Our front office team can just focus on patient scheduling instead of being on the phone with insurance for hours and hours. They are highly recommended! Thank you Revu Team!- Joy (Practice Manager)

Orange Grove

Revu Billing comprehensive services for managing a dental office. The entire team of Revu Billing are very knowledgeable and provide customized solutions to cater to managing the dental office administration needs. We are currently using Revu Billing and are very happy with the services and partnership.

South Jersey

Revu offers many tremendously helpful services for all dental offices. They should definitely be utilized and implemented for dental office functions. Their team is very thorough and always responsive. A Must Have!

Eco Friendly

We use Revu Billing for our insurance verification at our office and we are so happy. It takes the stress away from our front desk and gives us more time to focus on our patients.

Midtown Excellence

ReVu offers a lot of great services. We have our own way of doing things and their Team learned every bit of it and did a great job! And doing it every day!

Morgan Reynolds, Park Pediatric Dentistry

We use Revu for our Pediatric Office and we absolutely LOVE them!! Their customer service is amazing, they are very efficient and thorough! We appreciate them more than they probably know!

Tonya Kennedy, Dentistry for Children

The entire team at Revu Billing is always courteous and professional. One of my favorite things about this company is that they are PEOPLE, rather than automation. It is like an extension of your local staff. They are always receptive to change, and quick to respond to questions or issues. Although hesitant to make the change and outsource such an important part of our office, I am SO glad I did! My only regret is that I didn't do it much sooner!

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